2015 Sermons

2015 Sermons
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01/18/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler What Makes a House a Home?
Sunday John John 14
Download 2015_01_18_What_Makes_A_House_A_Home-Jim_Wheeler-.mp3
01/25/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler Waiting Upon The Lord
Sunday Selected Scriptures
DAVID Series
Download 2015-01-25_Waiting_Upon_the_Lord-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
02/01/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler God Works in Mysterious Ways
Sunday Selected Scriptures
DAVID Series
Download 2015-02-01_God_Works_In_Mysterious_Ways-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
02/08/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler First Degree Murder
Sunday Selected Scriptures
DAVID Series
Download 2015-02-08_First_Degree_Murder-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
03/01/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler New Covenant Prayer
Sunday Selected Scriptures
Download 2015-03-01_New_Covenant_Prayer-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
03/08/2015Rev. Jim Wheeler Prayer Meetings
Sunday Selected Scriptures
Prayer Series
Download 2015-03-08_Prayer_Meetings-Jim_Wheeler.mp3

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