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01/01/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler A New Year - A New Hope
Sunday Revelation 1
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01/08/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler Falling In Love
Sunday Revelation Rev. 2:1-7
Falling in love with Jesus; then losing our first love, and wortking on finding it again.
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01/15/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler Encouraging Words
Sunday Revelation Rev. 2:8-11
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01/22/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler No Compromise
Sunday Revelation Rev. 2:12-17
Download 2017-01-22_No_Compromise-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
01/29/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler Jezebel
Sunday Revelation Rev. 2:18-28
Message to church of Thyatira & how we can apply: Beware of tolerating heretical beliefs & /or unholy lifestyle.
Download 2017-01-29_Jezebel-Jim_Wheeler.mp3
02/05/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler Dead or Alive?
Sunday Revelation
Download 2017-02-05_Dead_Church-Jim_Wheeler.mp3

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