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08/06/2017Rev. Charles Schleich "On The Point"
Sunday Selected Scriptures
We need to be "on the point" of what the Holy Spirit wants us to be doing - Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered.
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07/16/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler "WOW, God!" - VBS Lessons Recap
Sunday Selected Scriptures
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01/01/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler A New Year - A New Hope
Sunday Revelation 1
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10/08/2017Rev. Charles Schleich According To Your Faith
Sunday Matthew 9:18-30
Faith must be 1) Right, 2) Strong, & 3) Real
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05/14/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler All Authority Has Been Given To Me
Sunday Matthew 28:19-20
First in a 4-part series on the Ascension of Jesus
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02/05/2017Rev. Jim Wheeler Dead or Alive?
Sunday Revelation
Download 2017-02-05_Dead_Church-Jim_Wheeler.mp3

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